Tea Blending Workshop
Tea Blending Workshop

Tea Blending Workshop

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Learn to make your own tea blends!

We will start the day by tasting individual ingredients and then we will move to simple combinations and as we get a sense of what we like and don't we will create more complex blends

Energetic, Spiritual, Historical and Medicinal properties of the ingredients will be covered.
Whether you are wanting a tea that is energizing throughout the day or one that is calming for bedtime or even something for heartache or a tea that helps you through a difficult transition, we can work together to create a blend that fulfills your intention and tastes great!

We will be working with organic roots, leaves, seeds and flowers as well as green and black teas.
While mainly working with herbs that are commercially (but still organically) grown, we will have some garden plants that you can learn how to harvest and dry for your blends!

You will build a knowledge foundation that will last a lifetime.
Class size is limited to 12
No special skills or knowledge required

From the teacher
I've been blending teas for most of my life and would love to share what I've learned with you. From my favorite stovetop long simmering teas to delicate florals, I drink tea everyday!
Let's try all my favorites and you can come up with your own creations that I would never have thought of!

Class fee includes all materials, snacks throughout the day and tea to take home.
Tea Blending Workshop
Tea Blending Workshop