Magical Healing Balm
Magical Healing Balm

Magical Healing Balm

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 Our house-made Magical Healing Balm stimulates the body's own healing and captures the restorative powers of the sun and moon to miraculously heal almost anything.

Infusions of organic Calendula flowers, Hypericum tops and Comfrey leaf harvested at their peak in an olive oil and beeswax base scented with pure aromatherapy grade lavender essential oil, a known cure-all for just about any skin affliction.

Aids in soothing and healing most anything on the skin, including:
*bug bites
*cracked heels
*diaper rash
*itchy skin
*rough skin
*everyday dry skin.

*the claims made are not intended to be medical advice, they are based on personal experience and those of our customers who come back again and again for the Magic of our Healing Balm!

1 oz. tin
Magical Healing Balm
Magical Healing Balm