Magical Healing Balm
Magical Healing Balm

Magical Healing Balm

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Our house-made Magical Healing Balm stimulates the body's own healing and captures the restorative powers of the sun and moon to miraculously heal almost anything.

Hand harvested Calendula, Hypericum and Comfrey harvested at their peak infused in olive oil in a beeswax base with pure lavender essential oil to add to the healing

Originally formulated as a heal-all when I had a young child, it went from diaper rash balm to skinned knees and later used on skin blemishes and later still as a natural make-up remover. My husband, a welder at the time healed all manner of burns, all with this one healing balm.

I personally have used it as my main moisturizer for 20 years, including lavish use on my face, but also on hands rough with gardening, itchy bug bites, even the strangely painful prick of roses is immediately calmed.

Use liberally as needed

1 oz. screw top tin


I'd like to share 'my' personal story about the magickal healing balm with you. I think it was 10 years ago that my dear friend Joel introduced me to your beautiful shop in Portland, and since then I do not live without it. I use it in my daily life, at work, at home, during my travels all over the world.
I've given it to young mothers with kids, especially to my grand kids. My younger granddaughter Emily who requests new balm! She only trusts homeopathic medicine and your healing balm. Jewelie, YOU ROCK, thank you so much!
Much love from your long term customer Peti from Germany
PS: I like the new screw top very much!
Magical Healing Balm
Magical Healing Balm