Lewis and Clark Cologne

Lewis and Clark Cologne

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Lewis and Clark Natural Cologne from Ring Botanicals

This cologne was created for determined hearts, called to adventure and discovery. Clad in leather and smoke, Lewis and Clark steadily map their journey through a changing landscape of American fragrance. From Sweet Grass Plains, over the Pine forests of the Great Divide, through Western Sagebrush country, and into the muddy roots of the mossy Northwest. Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Mock Orange, and Golden Current sit quietly in the heart, while buried notes of musk and sweat lend authenticity and backbone to this historical perfume.

Crafted with many in-house extractions, including a base of hand-tinctured Sweet Grass, Sweet Woodruff, and White Sage, essential oil distillates of Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Western Juniper, and oil infusions of Black Poplar.


Creating this perfume was a multi-layered experience. Not only was there the wonderful challenge of crafting the fragrance in such a manner that the ingredients would unfold in the right olfactory order, but there was also the awesome historical aspect. I spent a lot of late nights reading the journals of these two men, amazed by their determination, strength, and sense of duty. Their accounts of aromatic plants and places are now embedded in this perfume. It was rewarding to be able to work with so many of my favorite native plants and to be able to showcase these botanicals in parallel with my own nostalgia. What I love the most about America is the wild places where we stand in awe of the beauty of nature. As I crafted this cologne I envisioned my reverence for the rivers, fields, forests, deserts of my home country being instilled in the juice with a rare, clear feeling of patriotism. In many ways, the act of creating this perfume transported me back in time. All of the aromatics in this blend are what I call “powerhouses.” They are intense, bold, dominant notes that can easily ruin a blend if improperly dosed. Yet in this cologne they all came together in strength and harmony – not unlike the members of the “Corps of Discovery.” For me, this cologne has come to represent relentless perseverance: I smell it now and I move away from self-pity and stillness into a place of conviction and forward movement. A place of endurance, doubtless capability, and steadfast focus. This……is a good place. This fragrance is a pathway, an experience, a mixture of people and places and emotions in a bottle. Wear it well.

WEAR TIME: 6 hours+

INGREDIENTS: Organic Grape and Grain Alcohol, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2 Extracts, Tinctures and Infusions of Aromatic Botanicals.