Vintage Sterling Agate Cuff

$ 225.00

This babe is big! and gorgeous! But fits a smaller than average wrist and can be adjusted to fit a quite large wrist as needed Carnelian, pretty sure and Silver...

Silver Hexagon Stacking Ring

$ 20.00

These darling hexagonal rings add shine and dimension. They look and feel great worn singly, stacked together or layered with your own treasured rings! Sterling SilverStack em up!  Designed and...

Droplet Duo Necklace

$ 64.00

A duo of droplets to adorn you at work or an evening out. Handmade by Favor Jewelry in Portland, Oregon

Kiersten Crowley Arc Earrings

$ 55.00

Bronze arcs on sterling silver earwires Made in Portland, Oregon By Kiersten Crowley

Enamel Neckalce

$ 39.00 $ 85.00

An enameled half circle is paired with the same size half circle of brass. A contrast that works well together. Half Brass Half Enamel Handmade in Portland, Oregon by Talia...

Enamel Neckalce

$ 39.00
$ 85.00

Enamel Half Moon Shield Earrings

$ 35.00 $ 58.00

This half disc is just over 1" and hangs from a beautiful Sterling Silver ear wire. Handmade in Portland, Oregon Talia Jewelry Designs  

Raw Gemstone Drops

$ 48.00

These chunks of magic are for our wild hearted, fun loving selves! Organic, Natural Gemstones set within brass elements Handmade in Portland, Oregon

Seedpod Earrings

$ 52.00

Hand fabricated Bronze seed pods by Portland Metalsmith Kiersten Crowley. Gold chains with tiny gemstones hang from the pods.

Macrame Hoops with Citrine Drop

$ 58.00 $ 90.00

Macrame & Brass adorned by a clear gold Citrine drops and pyrite seed beads

Metallic Gold Dots Zippie

$ 15.00

This darling zippered pouch comes in three sizes. Perfect for everyday essentials, as a travel pouch or to make a gift set to fit in. Popular for bridesmaids gifts. Printed...

Metallic Gold Dots Zippie

From $ 15.00 - $ 48.00

Quan Yin Beeswax Candle

$ 13.50

Quan Yin, Bodhisattva of great compassion, vowing to release all beings from suffering. Call upon Quan yin when you feel alone or lost.This is a great gift for friends going...
Sold Out

Crescent Moon Ring

Sold Out

Wear this ring to call upon lunar forces of receptivity, intuition, and the divine feminine. Made using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. Available in bronze or brass.

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