Aurora Natural Perfume

$ 35.00

Notes of Alaskan cedar and night sky. Using the finest, all natural components to bring together infusions of roots, resins and flowers to make essences that evoke deep memories as...
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Cleopatra Natural Perfume

Sold Out

Notes of neroli & cedar. Cleopatra is a sultry floral, spicy and sweet scent. Invoking both feminine beauty and masculine strength, it may be worn day and night.   Using...

Darling Gift Set

$ 68.00

For your niece or babysitter.

Emerald Healing Tea

$ 3.50

All organic blend of red raspberry leaf, nettles, red clover leaf & blossoms and peppermint. Good for whole-body restoration and rejuvenation. Steep for 5-8 minutes in freshly boiled water. Caffeine...

Lakshmi Natural Perfume

$ 45.00

Notes of sandalwood, rose & pink lotus A rich and exotic scent evocative of distant travels and lush gardens. Unfolding layers of flowers, spices and sacred woods provide a scent...

Magical Healing Balm

$ 15.00

 Our house-made Magical Healing Balm stimulates the body's own healing and captures the restorative powers of the sun and moon to miraculously heal almost anything.Infusions of organic Calendula flowers, Hypericum...
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Magical Trees Tea

Sold Out

All organic blend of elderberries, oat tops, licorice root, linden and rosemary. Anti-viral and nutritive. This tea brews to a gem-y purple hue and tastes jammy and cozy. Sure to...

May Queen Natural Perfume

$ 35.00

Notes of jasmine, rosewood & spices This is a sensuous, spring day filled with meadow flowers and the warmth of sun shining upon freshly fallen wood. A rich and floral...

Middle Earth Natural Perfume

$ 35.00

Notes of vetiver, coffee, & patchouli.   This rich, earthy scent creates a magical harmony of sensuality, strength, and grounding, connecting us to the earth in a new way. Layer...

Milky Oolong Tea

$ 6.50

Full leaf, hand rolled Milky Oolong has the distinct scent and taste of fresh milk. Milky Oolong is a very special and long time favorite for good reason. The rich...

Temple Balm

$ 15.00

All natural Temple Balm is infused with magical plants including jasmine, mugwort, rose, chamomile & lavender and scented with pure essential oils and absolutesincluding rose, lavender, chamomile and rosemary in...

Theo Natural Perfume

$ 35.00

Notes of cocoa, bourbon geranium & woods   Indulge in the rich dark, warm, sweet cocoa of a scent with a fresh cedarwood heart. Theo gets its name from the...

Vanilla Citrus Lip Butter

$ 8.50

Our house made Vanilla Citrus Lip Butter is rich in nourishing oils for natural healing and moisture maintenance. A delicious hand-poured blend of herbal infused jojoba, sweet almond, shea butter...

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