Tatine Forest Floor Candle

$ 38.00

Notes of wet dirt mingled with rain-soaked ferns, damp wood, stems and green leaves, mossy overtones and heady damp garden soil. candle size: 8 oz, 227 g approx. burn time:...
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Tatine Tabac Candle

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Notes of orange honeyed pipe tobacco blended with roasted nut and caramel, along with burnt woods. Tabac is warm, sweet, and smoky. candle size: 8 oz approx. burn time: 60...

Tatine Woodsmoke Candle

$ 38.00

Notes of cedar moss, fir balsam, clove, this dark, woodsy and warm candle evokes the smell of a fire crackling on the hearth. candle size: 8 oz approx. burn time:...

Beeswax Taper Candles - Pair of 2

$ 10.00

Nothing compares to the golden glow and honey scent of beeswax candles. Naturally drip-less, clean and long burning Hand dipped 100% pure beeswax candles from Oregon bees. Our tapers are...

Izola Heirloom Candle

$ 35.00

When you get home from a long workday, there a few things needed to unwind.  One is to kick off your shoes, another is lighting an Izola candle.Ignite the scent...

Laurel Canyon Candle

$ 19.00

We are stardust–we are golden. Fragrant eucalyptus trees after a spring rain in Laurel Canyon. Alluring aromas of cannabis, wildflowers, apricots and suede. 2 oz. handcrafted, hand wrapped candle, in...

Tatine Gold Dust Candle

$ 22.00

Bohemian gold santal and saffron dust layered over soft, opulent powdery notes and hyacinth. Tobacco blossom and orris are stirred into a garland of fragrant blooms. Finished with incense, musk...

Quan Yin Beeswax Candle

$ 13.50

Quan Yin, Bodhisattva of great compassion, vowing to release all beings from suffering. Call upon Quan yin when you feel alone or lost.This is a great gift for friends going...
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Neroli Candle

Sold Out

candle size: 8 oz approx. burn time: 60 hoursInspired by nature. Each element is crafted entirely by hand. Heavy weight industrial, vintage modern custom glassware is sourced from 40% recycled...

Moonlight Mile Candle

$ 18.00

I am sleeping under strange, strange skies + I’m dreaming. The autumn moon lights my way. I am just living to be lying by your side. dark, sensual, mysterious +...

Love That Burns Candle

$ 19.00

Notes of the bitter and the sweet. Lemon rose earth, give me your love in return, but please don’t leave me with a love that burns. 40% recycled heavyweight vintage glass...
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Swarm of Bees Candle

Sold Out

Notes of burnt honey and wild cut field flowers for your hall, carried in on a swarm of bees, blowing in the breeze, if you go then, go with me,...

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